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Hey! I’m Nick.

I’m a photographer-turned-web-designer based in Ogden, Utah dedicated to helping small creative businesses establish themselves online. After working as a photographer for over 10 years, one thing became very clear - it sucks to do everything yourself. You’re a photographer with plenty on your plate, and I know firsthand that the planning, shooting and editing of amazing photos takes time. But what about your online presence? Every photographer needs a website, logo, branding...

That’s where Wild Eyed Creative Co. can take some weight off your shoulders. I offer a handful of different packages to help bring your website to life, as well as logo and branding sessions to help set your business apart. 

Want to work together to create an online presence that is unique, beautiful, and totally your vibe? Keep scrolling to learn more!

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Client Projects


I have been beyond blessed with the most amazing clients! My favorite part of each project is capturing the look and feel that best represents each individual creative. Each project includes a mini branding session, that is crucial in allowing me to match the visual identity of your site to your unique photography style and personality. 

I’m a firm believer that when potential clients visit your website, they are already expecting to see great pictures. Having a beautiful website that puts you and your personality on display is what will set you apart from other photographers. With a well-tailored site, you can attract the right clients and make an impact right off the bat. 

I like to keep things as simple as possible. A normal website project will take about a week, while total branding projects may take up to two weeks to complete. After starting with a mini branding session to pinpoint your visual style, we will build and adjust until we have your perfect website! Friday’s are where the real magic happens. After a final review, we’ll get your website live and let everyone know about it.



As a photographer myself, I get it. Not only do you have a business to run, but also real-world things to worry about like taxes, significant others, kids, and not to mention dishes in the sink - the last thing you need to do is become a web designer. Wild Eyed Creative Co. will take care of that for you! I am here to make your website dreams a reality and offer a handful of different packages to suit your situation. Do you need a complete site build from the ground-up, or are you a super handy DIY-er whose web presence just needs a little direction? I’ll meet you wherever you’re at.


Photographer Builds

You’ve got the vibe, now let’s find your tribe! This package was put together with the photographer and videographer in mind. Get your work out into the world and get connected to the right clients!

The Shop

You’re just starting out and are still defining your creative style. Templates are perfect for the DIY-er who is still getting a feel for what they want!


 find your tribe



Do you need a website, logo, or both? Just have some questions on building your own Squarespace website? I’d love to chat! Investing in your business by bringing in a third party can seem daunting, especially with all the other decisions you have to make. I am dedicated to delivering you a product that is perfect for you, and am always available for consultation calls to just chat about what you need. I am here for you - and that means answering any and all questions you have.


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